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murano™ veneers
murano™ veneers
Murano veneers are the next generation in cosmetic dentistry smile enhancement. Each set of murano veneers is computer designed, but artisan hand-crafted. Thin and natural covers of porcelain are fabricated and applied to each individual tooth to reshape, resize, recolor, or align the teeth. Murano veneers seem to melt into the teeth creating the illusion of beautiful, youthful, desirable smiles.

Designed by a customizable computer matrix, murano veneers incorporate contemporary esthetic beauty while maintaining symmetry, size and shape relationships and lifelike contours. Murano veneers bring perfection to the eye. They quantify the desirable qualities of beautiful smiles while allowing the ceramic artist the ability to customize each veneer to the individual.

Your certified murano veneers dentist can show you a simulation of your new smile and how it would appear after enhancement with murano™ veneers. Ask for a murano™ veneers demonstration at your next dental appointment.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are murano™ veneers expensive?
murano™ veneers are usually less than the cost of caps or crowns on teeth.

How long do murano™ veneers last?
murano™ veneers have a long life expectancy. They will last many years like other “permanent” restorations such as crowns or fillings. The lifetime of veneers or other dental restorations can be extended by maintaining regular dental care and avoiding things which can damage your natural teeth.

Am I a candidate for murano™ veneers?
Your murano™ veneers dentist can give you an idea of actual cost, time involved, and may even provide you with a computer simulation of your finished result prior to starting treatment. Most people who have many of their natural teeth are candidates for murano™ veneers.

How long does it take to get my murano™ veneers?
Most people can have their smile enhanced with murano™ veneers in two appointments, about two weeks apart.

Does the process hurt, or does it harm the tooth?
murano™ veneers require very minimal preparation of the teeth, unlike dental caps or crowns. The visible surface of the tooth is polished lightly. Anesthetic is generally used by the dentist if some tooth preparation is necessary. Teeth with fillings or root canals can be strengthened by murano veneers.

Why do murano™ veneers appear more natural than
caps or crowns?

murano™ veneers do not have any metal backing like crowns, so they are not opaque or unnaturally bright. Because they consist of very thin layers of porcelain, they reflect and fluoresce light more like youthful, healthy teeth.

How do murano™ veneers compare to other
dental veneers?

In one word, Results! murano™ veneers are similar to other dental veneers in many respects. The important difference is that only murano veneers are computer designed for symmetry and reproducible beauty standards. Ordinary veneers are designed at the whim of the ceramist and don’t always match the intended result of the dentist.

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